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Departmental Seminars

Machine Date Date Location Title Speaker
20170215 2/15/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Protein Folding on the Ribosome Dr. John Christodoulou / University College London
20170308 03/08/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB How Adipocytes Produce Heat: Identification of CK2 Kinase using Proteomics Dr. Kosaku Shinoda / University of California San Francisco
20170315 3/15/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB HIV and Drugs of Abuse go hand in HAND: Blaming the messengers Dr. Shilpa J. Buch / University of Nebraska
20170320 3/20/17 Herman Auditorium MBRB A Co-repressor Regulates Pluripotency and Germline Development Dr. Shengjiang Tu / HHMI / New York University School of Medicine
20170329 3/29/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Molecular Mechanisms of Parkinson’s Disease Dr. Quyen Hoang / Indiana University
20170405 4/5/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Investigating the role of the epigenome in cell fate transitions Dr. Rupa Sridharan / University of Wisconsin
20170412 04/12/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Protein-folding chaperones shape the effects of human mutations Dr. Georgios  Karras / Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
20170419 04/19/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Defining the signaling space of p53 activity across species and tissues Dr. Jacob Stewart-Ornstein / Harvard Medical School
20170424 04/24/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Regulation and function of the ER-Golgi membrane contact sites Dr. Antonella De Matteis / University of Napoli Federico II - Medical School, Italy
20170425 04/25/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Epigenetics and RNA dynamics in regulating cell functions Dr. Benoit Lauren t/ Harvard Medical School
20170510 05/10/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Local induction of oxidative base damage at telomeres: deciphering the role of the base excision repair protein PARP1 in the preservation of telomere integrity Dr. Elise Fouquerel / University of Pittsburgh
20170515 05/15/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Personalizing cancer treatment using the novel cell-based functional assay dynamic BH3 profiling. Dr. Juan Monterio / Dana Farber Institute- Harvard Medical Center
20170518 05/18/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB New insights into the pathogenesis of NASH and its progression to liver cancer Dr. Michael Karin / University of California, San Diego / Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology / Ben and Wanda Hildyard Chair for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Diseases / American Cancer Society Research Professor
20170524 05/24/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Single-cell Transcriptome Profiling of Circulating and Disseminated Tumor Cells to Enable Precision Medicine Dr. Yu Zheng / Harvard Medical School
20170719 07/19/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB To be announced To be announced
20170913 09/13/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Alana Welm / University of Utah
20170920 09/20/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Jessica J. Kandel / University of Chicago