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Departmental Seminars

Machine Date Date Location Title Speaker
20160803 08/03/16 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB A Novel Systems Biology Tool for Analysis of Specific Molecular Pathways Dr. Nadya Morozova/Institut des Hautes √Čtudes Scientifiques, France
20160921 09/21/16 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Epigenetics: One Genome, Multiple Phenotypes Dr. Danny Reinberg / Howard Hughes Medical Institute / NYU Langone School of Medicine
20161214 12/14/16 Herman Auditorium MBRB Enabling design-driven medicine with synthetic biology: engineering programmable cell-based therapies Dr. Joshua Leonard / Northwestern University
20170118 1/18/17 Herman Auditorium MBRB Near-atomic resolution visualization of human transcription initiation Dr. Yuan He / Northwestern University
20170201 2/1/17 Herman Auditorium MBRB Centromeres impersonating telomeres, and other forms of deception at the chromosome end Dr. Julie Cooper / NIH
20170329 03/29/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Alana Welm / University of Utah
20170424 04/24/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Antonella De Matteis / University of Napoli Federico II - Medical School, Italy
20170426 04/26/17 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Reserved Reserved