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BMG Resource Lists

    BMG Shared Equipment
      Online Sign-up: [BioRad Duet qPCR] [BioRad OPUS 384 qPCR]
    BMG Backup -80 Freezers
    Lab Equipment in Common Space
    BMG & MBRB Facility
    BMG Room Directory
    BMG Personnel List

    (Need to log-in with your UIC ID and password to see these lists.)

    Report BMG shared equipment issues: Ben Ramirez (
    Report computer and internet issues specific to BMG: Charles Snider (

UIC Research Resources Center

UIC iLab Core Information Page
    iLab site is used to place RRC service requests. For further information, see "Get Started" page.

[RRC Cores Main Page | Directory | News & Movies]
  Bioanalytics, Biophysics & Cytomics Division
    Biophysics Core (Center for Structural Biology Building) (iLab Info Page)
    Mass Spectrometry Core (MSB) (iLab Info Page)
    NMR Core (Center for Structural Biology Building) (iLab Info Page)
    High-Throughput Screening Core (MBRB) (iLab Info Page)
    Flow Cytometry Core (MSB) (iLab Info Page)

  Genome Research Division
    Genomics Research Core (CMWT) (iLab Info Page)
    Single Cell Sequencing Pilot (MBRB) (iLab Info Page)
    Research Informatics Core (MBRB) (iLab Info Page)

  Scientific Imaging & Nanotechnology Division
    Electron Microscopy Core (SES, MSB) (iLab Info Page)
    Fluorescence Imaging Core (MSB) (iLab Info Page)
    Preclinical Imaging Core (NMRL) (iLab Info Page)
    Research Histology Core (MSB) (iLab Info Page)
    Research Tissue Imaging Core (COMRB) (iLab Info Page)
    Nanotechnology Core (ERF) (iLab Info Page)
    Cardiovascular Research Core (NMRL) (iLab Info Page)

  Research Support Division (iLab Info Page)
    Scientific Instrument Shop (direction) (iLab Info Page)
    Scientific Storeroom (CMWT) (iLab Info Page)
    UI Health Biorepository (iLab Info Page)

UIC Cancer Center Shared Resources

    Cancer Bioinformatics Shared Resource (CBSR)
    Biostatistics Shared Resource Core (BSR)
    Cancer Genomics Shared Resource (CGSR)
    Data Integration Shared Resource (DISR)
    Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR)
    Translational Pathology Shared Resource (TPSR)
    Breast Cancer Working Group Tissue Microarray

UIC Center for Cardiovascular Research Core Resources

    RRC Cardiovascular Research Core (iLab Info Page)
    Viral Vector Core (iLab Info Page)
    Physiology Core

UIC Biologic Resources Laboratory (BRL)

    Account Management
    Animal Procurement
    Rates and Fees

UIC Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility

    Support basic and translational research in microbiome at UIC. (MBRB)

UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science

    TrACTS (Training and Advancement of Careers in Translational Science)

Rush University Core Laboratories (Open to UIC Researchers)

    Rush Proteomics Research Core
    Rush Internal Medicine Drug Discovery and Imaging Core
        (Electron microscopy, high-content screening, confocal and live cell microscopy)
    Rush MicroCT and Histology Core
    Rush Biomarker Development Core
    Rush Flow Cytometry Core
    Rush miRNA Core
    Rush Biological Safety Laboratory Level 3 Containment Core
    Rush University Biorepository Core
    Rush Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core
    Rush Genomics and Microbiome Core

Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC)

    Core Facilities Directory (Northwestern, UChicago, UIC)
      With the help of the CBC, investigators can use core facilities at all three CBC universities at "in house" costs.
    Accelerator Award
    Catalyst Award
    Entrepreneurial Fellows
    Community, Biotech & Entrepreneurship

Information Tehnology at UIC

    IT Support (Report IT Problems.)
    College & Unit IT Departments
    ACER (Research Computing)
    Software & Licensing
        Software WebStore
    File Storage and Sharing
        [UIC Box] [Google Drive] [Microsoft OneDrive]

Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE)

    [CATE Main Page] [Get Support.] [Ed Tech]
    The Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) provides a virtual and in-person space
    where all those in the UIC community with responsibilities in teaching, including current and future faculty,
    graduate student teaching assistants, and instructors across a range of undergraduate, graduate, and
    professional school courses, can find supportive teaching and technology resources and professional
    learning programs.

MBRB Facility Issues

For MBRB building-related issues, please write to Jessica Gallo (
Facilities Management at UIC
Emergency: (312) 996-7511
Non-emergency: FMWeb (Online Service Request)

UIC Safety Resources

UIC Police Department
Emergency: (312) 355-5555
Non-emergency: (312) 996-2830
Environmental Health & Safety
     BioRAFT Database
     Research Safety
     Contact EHSO
Campus Safety Resources at UIC
Office of Preparedness and Response

Useful UIC Links

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR)
     UIC Research
     Electronic Submission Systems
     Sponsored Programs
     OVCR Resources
     Resources for Postdocs.
Office of Business and Financial Servies (OBFS)
     iBuy (online purchasing)
     Chrome River
     Grants & Sponsored Projects
Faculty and Staff Resources
     UIC Human Resources
     UIC Employee Perks
     UIC Faculty Handbook
          Promotion & Tenure Policy
          Benefits and Services
Astra Schedule (Room Reservation)
UIC Blackboard
UIC Library
     Richard J. Daley Library
     Library of the Health Sciences
UIC College of Medicine
     Office of Faculty Affairs
     Faculty Appt., Promotion & Tenure
     COM Faculty Development
     GEMS (PhD Program)
     MSTP (MD/PhD Program)
     COM Research Forum
     Anatomy and Cell Biology
     Microbiology and Immunology
     Pharmacology and Regen. Med.
     Physiology and Biophysics
     UIC Cancer Center
     Clinical and Translational Science
     Cardiovascular Research
     Alcohol Research
     Eye Research
Other UIC Departments with Life Science Research Topics      Bioinformatics & Quant. Biol.
     Pharmaceutical Sciences
     Center for Biomolecular Sciences
     Biological Sciences
UIC Graduate College
UIC Undergraduate Research Experience
UIC Campus Map
UIC Directory Search
     BMG Directory Info
     BMG Department Rosters