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Primary Faculty

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signal, regulation, cancer, genetics, genomics, infection, neuro, stem, research Jalees Rehman, MD
Benjamin Goldberg Professor and Head

Cell physiology, metabolism of cancer cells, vascular cells, stem cells and gene expression data.

Office: 312-996-5552
Lab: 312-996-0487
Email: Site: View Lab Website

protein, regulation, infection, neuro, stem, drug, research Steven J. Ackerman, PhD

Transcriptional mechanisms regulating hematopoietic (myeloid) development and gene expression. Eosinophil effector functions in asthma and other allergic diseases, tissue remodeling and fibrosis. Biochemistry, cell and structural biology of eosinophil protein mediators of inflammation.

Office: 312-996-6149
Lab: 312-996-5433

signal, regulation, cancer, genetics, gene, genomics, research Elizaveta Benevolenskaya, PhD

Mechanisms of promotion of differentiation by retinoblastoma protein (pRB), role of histone demethylases RBP2 and PLU1 in cell fate determination and differentiation in mammalian cells. Global analysis of the transcriptional network regulated by RBP2-related proteins.

Office: 312-413-8947
Lab: 312-413-8962

protein, membrane, infection, drug, research Michael Caffrey, PhD

Biochemical and NMR studies directed at elucidating the structure and mechanisms of viral proteins.

Office: 312-996-4959
Lab: 312-355-2635

protein, regulation, cancer, genetics, gene, genomics, infection, stem, research Konstantinos Chronis, PhD
Assistant Professor
Delineating principles of Stem Cell and iPSC biology and Developmental lineage choice. We employ multi-omic approaches, genome engineering, single cell tool development and computational technologies to delineate the TF-driven mechanisms that determine cell fate specification during mammalian development, cellular reprogramming and cancer. Our ultimate goal is to ad hoc engineer cell types for tissue regeneration

Office: 312-355-8012
Lab: 312-355-8011
Site: View Lab Website

Karen J. Colley, PhD
Professor / Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Office: 312-413-3450

Bernard Friedenson, PhD
Associate Professor


signal, regulation, cancer, genetics, gene, genomics, stem, research Maxim Frolov, PhD

Role of RB tumor suppressor pathway in development and cancer. Single cell genomics.

Office: 312-413-5797
Lab: 312-355-0476

protein, signal, cancer, membrane, genomics, infection, neuro, stem, drug, research Vadim Gaponenko, PhD

Biophysical and biochemical characterization of macromolecular interactions with the emphasis on cancer related proteins.

Office: 312-355-4965
Lab: 312-355-4839

Joanna Groden, PhD
Professor / Vice Chancellor for Research

Phone: 312-996-4995

signal, regulation, cancer, genetics, gene, genomics, protein, drug, research Nissim Hay, PhD
Distinguished Professor

Mechanisms of cell survival, cell cycle control, metabolism, and genesis of cancer. The PI3K/PTEN/AKT/mTOR signaling. The function of Akt isoforms at the cellular and organismal levels.  

Office: 312-355-1684
Lab: 312-355-2024

membrane, signal, cancer, infection, neuro, protein, drug, research Shafi Kuchay, PhD
Assistant Professor

Regulation of proteostasis at cellular membranes by ubiquitin ligases and a newly identified GGTase 3. We are particularly interested in uncovering functional involvement in disease (cancer and other disorders).

Office: 312-355-3959
Lab: 312-996-7167
Site: View Lab Website

protein, cancer, drug, research Arnon Lavie, PhD

Structure-based design of novel therapeutic agents by prodrug development andenzyme modifications. X-ray crystallographic structure determination of enzymes involved in prodrug activation.

Office: 312-355-5029
Lab: 312-996-6299

signal, regulation, genetics, gene, genomics, stem, research Brad Merrill, PhD

Mammalian stem cell and developmental biology, WNT signaling, Genome Editing.

Office: 312-996-0346
Lab: 312-996-0348
Site: View Lab Website

protein, signal, cancer, genetics, gene, research Toru M. Nakamura, PhD

Roles of Checkpoint Proteins and Chromatin Modifications in Genome Stability, DNA repair and Telomere Maintenance.

Office: 312-996-1988
Lab: 312-413-5084
Site: View Lab Website

signal, cancer, genetics, research Pradip Raychaudhuri, PhD

Regulation of mammalian cell cycle.

Office: 312-413-0255
Lab: 312-413-0252

membrane, signal, cancer, genetics, neuro, research Nava Segev, PhD
Distinguished Professor

From Yeast to Human Cells and Disease: 1) Regulation and Coordination of Trafficking Inside Cells: secretion, endocytosis and autophagy; 2) Neurological Disorders (neurodevelopmental and neurodegeneration)-associated mutations in highly conserved genes

Office: 312-355-0142
Lab: 312-413-2471
Site: View Lab Website

protein, signal, membrane, cancer, infection, drug, research Sojin Shikano, PhD
Associate Professor

Protein interactions directing the selective sorting of membrane proteins.

Office: 312-413-2029
Lab: 312-996-2091

signal, regulation, cancer, infection, stem, research Angela L. Tyner, PhD

Regulation of epithelial cell differentiation Cell cycle regulation in regenerating tissues.

Office: 312-996-7964
Lab: 312-996-8181

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  Chronis (PI/NIH R01/23-27)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/23-28)
   (PI/American Lung Assoc/22-24)
  Rehman+Chronis (NIH P01/22-27)
  Nakamura (PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R33/22-25)
  Segev (PI/NIH R21/22-23)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/21-26)
  Segev (PI/NIH MIRA/21-26)
  Rehman (PL/NIH P01/21-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R38/21-25)
  Merrill+Rehman (co-PIs/NSF/21-25)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/21-24)
  Merrill (PI/NIH R01/21-24)
  Kuchay (PI/NIH ESI-MIRA/20-25)
  Raychaudhuri (PI/NIH MIRA/19-24)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/19-24)
  Frolov (PI/NIH MIRA/19-24)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/19-23)
  Merrill (PI/NIH R21/19-21)