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Scheduling for MBRB Auditorium (Room 1017), Conference Room 1152 and Class Room 1009 is done Via Astra Calendar.

Note: Reservations are done via campus computer. Click sign-in on the top right corner and once logged in click "Calendars" on top left side and choose "Scheduling Grids" and click "Calendar Search or the magnifying glass " on the left side and scroll down to building and choose "Molecular Biology Research Building" and then choose "Room" and AND click search. The calendar for the room will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can also submit a reservation request to the COM Dean's Office by clicking on the "COM Chicago Faculty & Staff Event Requests" link under the "Request an Event" section on the splash page and filling out the electronic form. You may contact regarding reservations for these rooms.

Department of BMG Conference Room 2027 schedule