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Departmental Seminars

Machine Date Date Location Title Speaker
20180212 02/12/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Red Blood Cell Regeneration Mechanism Confers Survival in Severe Anemia Dr. Kyle Hewitt / University of Wisconsin
20180307 03/07/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Wnt Signaling in Skeletal Developmental and Disease Dr. Bart Williams / Van Andel Research Institute
20180404 04/04/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Transcriptional vulnerabilities of cancer cells Dr. Christopher Vakoc / Cold Spring Harbor
20180418 04/18/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB HDAC3 is required for FOXO1-dependent transcriptional networks during B cell development Dr. Scott Hiebert / Vanderbilt University Dr. Raychaudhuri
20180502 05/02/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Tracing metabolic pathways that contribute to tumor growth and survival Dr. Christian Metallo / University of California, San Diego
20180613 06/13/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. David Tuveson / Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
20180921 09/21/18 12PM Herman Auditorium MBRB Title to be announced Dr. Jacqueline Cherfils / French National Center for Scientific Research