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Upcoming Departmental Seminars (Fall 2023 - Spring 2024)
[Tuesday @ noon, unless indicated otherwise]

Machine Date Date Location Title Speaker
YYYYMMDD 10/03/23 Herman Auditorium, MBRB Ten different ways of measuring interactions between molecules, proteins or protein-ligand, and what we can obtain from these techniques. Hyun Lee, PhD
UIC, RRC Biophysics Core Director
YYYYMMDD 11/14/23 Herman Auditorium, MBRB TBA Xiaojing Yang, PhD
Dept. of Chemistry, UIC
YYYYMMDD 11/28/23 Tuesday
(2-3 PM; Reception 3-4:30 PM)
TBA Equity Research and Innovation. [Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series] Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD/MHS
Yale University
YYYYMMDD 12/05/23 Herman Auditorium, MBRB TBA Mark Hochstrasser, PhD
Yale University
YYYYMMDD 1/30/24 Tuesday
(2-3 PM; Reception 3-4:30 PM)
TBA Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes. [Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series] Barbara Kahn, MD
Harvard University
YYYYMMDD 04/29/24 Monday
(2-3 PM; Reception 3-4:30 PM)
TBA Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus. [Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series] Charles M. Rice, PhD
Rockefeller University