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1: BMG Faculty Members Participating in GEMS Ph.D Program and Their Research Concentrations.

Faculty Name Molecular and Structural Biology Cancer Biology Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Microbiology, Immunity and Inflammation Neurobiology
Steve Ackerman X X
Elizaveta Benevolenskaya* X X
Michael Caffrey X X
Konstantinos Chronis* X X X
Maxim Frolov* X X X
Vadim Gaponenko* X
Nissim Hay X X
Shafi Kuchay* X X X
Arnon Lavie X
Brad Merrill* X X
Toru Nakamura* X X
Jalees Rehman* X X X
Nava Segev* X X X
Sojin Shikano X X
Angela Tyner X X

* Labs accepting GEMS roation students (2022-2023 academic year), and have openings for prospective PhD students.

2: BMG Faculty Members Participate in MD/Ph.D Training Program.

3: BMG Faculty Members Participate in Training of Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Through Various Training Grants at UIC.

T32 Training Program in Lung Biology and Pathobiology [NIH; NHLBI]
[Project PI: Asrar Malik] [Participating BMG Mentors: Hay, Kuchay, Merrill, Rehman, Raychaudhuri & Tyner]

IRACDA K12: Chicago ARea Excellence in Education & Research (CAREER) Program [NIH; NIGMS]
[Program Pis: Larisa Nonn, Joanna Burdette] [Participating BMG Mentors: Hay, Rehman & Raychaudhuri]

4: BMG Faculty Members Participate in Training of Undergraduate Students Through Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Program of UIC Honors College.


Labs accepting GEMS rotation students (2023-2024)

Recent Grants

  Chronis (PI/NIH R01/23-27)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/23-28)
   (PI/American Lung Assoc/22-24)
  Rehman+Chronis (NIH P01/22-27)
  Nakamura (PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/22-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R33/22-25)
  Segev (PI/NIH R21/22-23)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/21-26)
  Segev (PI/NIH MIRA/21-26)
  Rehman (PL/NIH P01/21-26)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R38/21-25)
  Merrill+Rehman (co-PIs/NSF/21-25)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/21-24)
  Merrill (PI/NIH R01/21-24)
  Kuchay (PI/NIH ESI-MIRA/20-25)
  Raychaudhuri (PI/NIH MIRA/19-24)
  Hay (PI/NIH R01/19-24)
  Frolov (PI/NIH MIRA/19-24)
  Rehman (co-PI/NIH R01/19-23)
  Merrill (PI/NIH R21/19-21)